Medipack - Inj - I (Single Track)

Medipack Inj-I is a completely unmanned packaging machine with single track system and an operation of uninterrupted cycle mechanism. It consists of the star wheel system which is synchronized automatically with the blister formation for a smooth feeding of packaging.

Salient Features

  • An inbuilt Guide Track to inspect any missing blisters.

  • Compact design framework with the components from the trusted brands to ensure an efficient packaging.

  • A mechanism to save dissipation of PVC after every cycle with the even heating of contact heating system.

  • Creates uniform sealing pattern to remove the chances of capillary formation of foil on sealing.

  • Batch printing unit - Universal type chain driven.

  • It Can be used for packaging Glass ampoules up to 10 ml. and Glass and/ or plastic vials up to 10 ml., Droppers, Syringes, Cannulas, etc.

  • Thermoforming with the custom name of the manufacturer/ product.

  • Operating system with P.L.C for distribution of blisters into two for inline scoring unit.

  • It comes with a combination packing potential and control system with printing registration.

Packaging Materials

  • Base Film: Opaque, transparent or colored thermo formable and non-toxic PVC.

  • Lidding Material: Aluminum foil through heat -sealed lacquer or Glassine paper foil.

Technical Specification

PVC Base film Max. 124 mm
Thickness Max. 0.2 – 0.35 mm
Reel Dia. Max. 440 mm
Aluminum Foil - Width Max. 120 mm
Thickness Max. 0.02 – 0.03 mm
Foil Dia. Max. 210 mm
Total Forming Area Max - 102 x 140 mm
Pack Length. 112 mm
Pack Width 150 mm
Forming Depth 25 mm
Out Put (Depending on pack & product to pack) 50 Strokes per / min.
50 packs (In Multiplication of Products)
Web Speed – 3 to 5 mtrs/min.
Machine Dimensions Approx. L : 2550 mm (with conveyor belt)
W : 1250 mm
H : 2035 mm (with tablet hopper)
Net Weight Approx. 1200 Kgs.
Power Requirement 5 kw (380-415v, 3Phase 60Hz, A.C, Electric Supply with neutral & earth)

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