Medipack - Easy

Medipack Easy is an efficient electronic packaging machine, appropriate for packing Tablets, Gelatin Capsules, Snapfit Capsules, Dragees, and the like.

Salient Features

  • It is an unmanned operating system with continuous cycle mechanism for efficient packing of clinical necessities.

  • Comes with a modular design consisting of an inbuilt product feeding system with brush assisted flouder in a way that stability and efficiency of final product can meet all necessary parameters required from rotary blister packing machine.

  • Cost effective change over parts set with less contents.

  • Allows the formation of regular cavities and web sealing by its aesthetically designed common forming station and sealing station.

  • Ensures the Blister formation with even heating and even pressure.

  • It is a smart printing unit consisting of cartridge ink with universal type chain.

  • The Rollers operating at a required speed enables neat and fine printing.

  • In order to design machine with all facilities, there is a special compact panel board.

  • It is appropriate and is most chosen for the most suitable model for small batch size production, samples packing for physicians and R&D center.

  • Designed for quick changeover parts.

Technical Specification

PVC Base film Max. 110 mm
Thickness Max. 0.2 – 0.3 mm
Reel Dia. Max. 440 mm
Aluminum Foil - Width Max. 106 mm
Thickness Max. 0.02 – 0.03 mm
Foil Dia. Max. 210 mm
Total Forming Area 90 x 25 mm
90 x 70 mm
Pack Length. 100 mm
Pack Width 80 mm
Forming Depth 16 mm
Out Put (Depending on pack & product to pack) 80 Strokes per / min.
80 packs per / min.
Web Speed – 4 to 6 mtrs/min.
Machine Dimensions Approx. L : 2135 mm (with conveyor belt)
W : 680 mm
H : 1825 mm (with tablet hopper)
Net Weight Approx. 800 Kgs.
Power Requirement 4.0 kw (440V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, A.C, Electric Supply)

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