Medipack - 150 (Single Track)

Medipack 150 is a smart mechanical high speed system with single track. It operates continuously with its cycle mechanism for efficient packing of fully automatic tablet feeding unit consisting of photo-level control and controlled vibrator plus.

Salient Features

  • It follows a robust approach for inspecting any unfilled blister with its lengthy ‘guide track’.

  • In order to eliminate capillary formation of foil on sealing and knurling efficiency saves products from hygroscopic effects, it includes a crease proof sealing pattern.

  • For reducing dissipation of PVC after every stoppage, the Contact heating system with pneumatic actuation allows blister forming with even heating.

  • It has a universal type chain driven batch printing unit and is flexible to change parts for the other mechanics of similar design.

  • The ergonomic is designed separately for the partially electronic control panel board which saves the electrical operational components.

  • It is a suitably designed framework for high quality components from trustworthy brands in order to make the perfect operational system.

  • Medipack 150 fits perfect for the packing of Tablets, Snapfit Capsules, Gelatin Capsules, Dragees etc. and detects the flaws with its detection system, if any.

Technical Specification

PVC Base film Max. 128 mm
Thickness Max. 0.2 – 0.3 mm
Reel Dia. Max. 440 mm
Aluminum Foil - Width Max. 124 mm
Thickness Max. 0.02 – 0.03 mm
Foil Dia. Max. 210 mm
Total Forming Area 110 x 25 mm
110 x 96 mm
Pack Length. 120 mm
Pack Width 102 mm
Forming Depth 12 mm
Out Put (Depending on pack & product to pack) 150 Strokes per / min.
150 packs per / min.
Web Speed – 4 to 6 mtrs/min.
Machine Dimensions Approx. L : 2450 mm (with conveyor belt)
W : 800 mm
H : 2000 mm (with tablet hopper)
Net Weight Approx. 1100 Kgs.
Power Requirement 4.5 kw (440V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, A.C, Electric Supply)

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