De - Blister (GMP and Standard)

De-Blistering machine is user-friendly, easy to operate and ensures of high quality and efficient recovery of filled products with its aesthetically compact design.

Salient Features

  • It has a stringent control over the materials and the manufacturing products

  • It ensures minimum product breakage with its finely tuned rubber roll.

  • Consists of a bottom support to the rubber roll to protect the blister from crashing during the time of its recovery operation.

  • For the recovery purpose, it accommodates packs for recovery.

  • It has an easy and effortless movement of blisters specially designed for the instances when the longer pack size is ensured by the adjustment of the guide track.

  • Incorporates a special A.C. Synchronous motor that makes the machine compact.

  • It eliminates the noise level and maintenance, thereby making it environment-friendly.

  • Includes a manual feeding of blister packs for making the visual inspection easy.

  • Transparent covers in strategic places for clear visibility by the operator.

  • Replacement parts are mostly standard components and are easily available.

  • Available in both, standard and GMP model.

Technical Specification

  • Hyplone coated rubber roll with shore hardness of 60 to 70.

  • A C Synchronous motor gives uniform velocity and thus uniform torque for better performance.

  • Power requirement - 220 V single phase.

  • Current reqd.- 0.6A.

  • Speed - 60 rpm.

  • Torque - 40 kg –cm

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